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Display & Touch Solutions:

Custom, cost-conscious designs for consumer applications

Local material sourcing

High-quality/low-cost components

Quick design cycles

Vertical integration of display, touch & cover lenses

OLED Display Panels Supplier

Up to 2.8″ diagonal

Active & passive matrix technologies

Ultra-thin, high-contrast, rapid response times

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LCD Display Panel Manufacturer

Up to 12.1″ Diagonal

Wide range of passive matrix & TFT LCD display technologies

Low-cost, high-resolution, high-brightness

Sunlight readable solutions

ZBD bistable displays

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Custom PRECI-Touch™ Sensors

Up to 25″ diagonal

Single and multi-point touch, up to 16 touches

Can be designed for unique requirements such as glove and stylus operation, extreme environments and water/salt-water immunity

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Custom Cover Lens

Licensed processor of Corning® Gorilla Glass®

3D curved glass

Screen printing

Specialized coatings (anti-glare, anti-microbial, anti-reflective, etc.)

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Screen Protectors:

Protects device display from scratches, impact, and everyday wear and tear

Licensed finisher of Accessory Glass 2 by Corning®

Custom sizes precision-machined for any device, plus standard sizes for leading smartphone and tablet models

Strengthened by ion exchange (well over 9H hardness)

>98% optical clarity (installed)

Flawless touch sensitivity

Anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating (115° contact angle)

Wide range of AB glues for easy, bubble-free application

Premium coatings, films and substrates

2D, 2.5D, 3D shapes

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