One Stop Solution for Making Custom Screen Protectors

Standard Features

•    Exceptional scratch and impact resistance
•    Power Edge™ finishing process reinforces glass edges for maximum chip resistance
•    Strengthened by ion exchange (well over 9H hardness)
•    Flawless touch sensitivity
•    Anti-fingerprint (oleophobic) coating (115° contact angle)
•    >98% optical clarity (installed)
•    Factory direct, built to order


Custom Screen Protector Options

•    Custom sizes and shapes: 
•    Up to 12.1” diagonal
•    0.21-0.4mm thickness
•    2D, 2.5D and 3D shapes
•    Premium coatings, films, and substrates: 
•    180° or 360° privacy films
•    Anti-microbial, anti-reflective or anti-glare coatings
•    Blue light filter (anti-radiation)
•    Wide range of AB glues for easy, bubble-free application
•    Custom printing on glass
•    Etching on glass
•    Bulk or retail packaging catered to your needs and brand


Common Applications

•    Consumer electronics (smartphones, tablets, laptops)
•    Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals
•    Medical devices and patient portal devices
•    Industrial controls
•    Kiosks


Quality Standards

•    Six Sigma and LEAN manufacturing practices]
•    ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 certified (certificates here)
•    RoHS and REACH compliant (certificates here)
•    Independently, third-party tested