3D bending machine
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Double position hot bending machine is one of the automatic series equipment of our company, which is specially designed for the production of curved glass of mobile phone. It is suitable for the hot bending process of 2.5d/3d mobile phone glass cover plate or protective sheet, such as Samsung S6 / S6 edge, Samsung S7 / S7 edge, Samsung S8 / S8 edge, Huawei P9 and other mobile phones. Equipment, low energy consumption, stable temperature, high quality products. The equipment can produce different types of products by changing the setting of heating temperature and heating time, and the operation is simple and easy to use. Each equipment only needs one person to produce. It can be shut down and started at any time, which is convenient for production and proofing. The equipment is more prominent in energy consumption and product quality

Main performance of A-Series hot bending machine: single machine energy consumption is about 12KW, production yield is 80-90%, curved glass protection sheet daily production is more than 1488, single operation.