We are well aware that customers not only purchase our products, but also purchase overall solutions and services. Based on this, we focus on providing professional technical support and services to meet the overall needs of our customers, improve their productivity and competitiveness. Our services cover the entire process of machine selection and customization, equipment debugging, technical support, equipment maintenance, and technical training.

  • ▪  Support factory layout and interior drawing, electrocircuit drawing, water drawing, vacuum drawing, container layout drawing.
    ▪  Optimal design of factory can help you increase machine productivity 10%-20%, increase labor productivity for save 15%-25% labors productivity.
    ▪  Support factory hardware & software list.

  • ▪  Staff training, including production - operation - sales integration.
    ▪  Support machine installation and training in your site if you need(it's option service), include engineer service daily schedule.
    ▪  Commitment to produce qualified product.(raw material purchasing from us or recommended suppliers).
    ▪  Support operation & maintenance manual, increase qualification rate by 20%.
    ▪  Support technicians employed in your local site.

  • The lowest raw material price in the market makes your production cost lower and your profit and market share higher.

  • ▪  ND group is willing to share our screen protector purchasing customers with our partners in their local market, our partners can supply to them directly.
    ▪  Calculate the return on investment based on local artificial water and electricity and sales prices, taking into account raw material costs.