Panel Glass Production Line

Grinding Process

FC-350II can process double work position at same time, it is suitable for precision processing of glass and non-metal products. The machine is based on granite body, gantry and guide rail bases. It is equipped with a high-precision screw guide rail and high-power/RPM spindle. The whole system is controlled by the servo and processing of multiple processes through programming completely. It can also be equipped with manipulator, vacuum fixture, vacuum pump, air compressor, programming software. 

FC-350II CNC glass machine has extensive performance characteristics. It is application for car central control touch screen glass, smart appliance glass, smart home glass, smart terminal protection glass, smart security glass, smart wearable glass industry. It main processing glass, acrylic, crystal, non-metal materials.


Working distance(X/Y/Z axis) 350x500x90mm
Working table(X/Y/Z axis) 700x500mm
Max RPM 60000rpm
Power 1.8KW
Machine dimension 1500x1500x1580mm
Machine weight 2000kg



RENISHAW Laser Interferometer

High Precision Granite Square Ruler

Optical Measuring Machine

High Precision Granite Surface Plate Ruler

Leverage Dial Gauge


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